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P. R. Memorisl Pvt. ITI College is an institution that aims at the complete development of the trainees and our instructors are  well trained to ensure that the trainees are given every possible support in all their endeavours, academic or otherwise. It is a multidisciplinary institution and this also ensures that the students have ready access to a wide range of technical material.

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Director's Message

P. R. Memorisl Pvt. ITI is committed to achieve excellence in technical education and assesses the success of its programs using the highest standards of quality, innovation, and visibility. Our goal is to be the most preferred choice of students, faculty & industries and to be in the top in every discipline. Our objectives of imparting professional education, combined with fostering innovative thinking, application of knowledge, inculcating professional ethics and consciousness to social responsibilities, are being met in an integrated form. We believe in lifelong learning & training leading to benefits of the society.

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